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Find jobs that fit into your schedule

Are you interested in a job, but unable to commit to a regular work schedule? Short-term employment opportunities available thorough Help@Home might be what you are looking for. These are temporary jobs from UA faculty, staff and student parents seeking short-term help, in areas like babysitting, tutoring, and more.

Interested students submit an application that includes questions about their childcare, tutoring or other relevant experience, skills, and qualifications, along with references, availability and expected pay rate. UA faculty, staff and student parents can review applications and resumes, then contact the applicant that best fits their needs to discuss potential employment opportunities.


Apply Online

Help@Home accepts applications for babysitters, tutors, pet sitters, lawn care, housekeeping and housesitting. Students must be at least 18 years old and currently enrolled at UA to participate. Click on the Help@Home job links below to review job descriptions, basic job duties and requirements.

UA faculty, staff and student parents may request access to review applications and resumes by completing the online form.


Program Disclaimer

The UA Student Jobs Office does not background check, screen or supervise faculty, staff, or students who utilize this program. Those choosing to use this Program should carefully consider all parties involved and terms and conditions of employment before agreeing to work together. Faculty, staff, and students should take whatever steps they deem necessary to screen applicants and/or employers before offering or accepting any employment opportunity.

The UA Student Jobs Office reserves the right to remove any individual from the Program when, in the discretion of the University, it is in the best interests of the Program to do so. UA Student Jobs acts only as a job posting service, and makes no recommendations or guarantees about the employers or employment opportunities procured through this program.